Buylist Policies

How to sell us cards

Selling us cards that are on our buy lists:

Unless otherwise listed, ALL cards MUST be in UNPLAYED NM/MINT condition. Any cards received in less than NM/MINT condition will either be returned to the sender or kept for a lower price AT OUR OPTION. NO notice will be sent out regarding our decision to either keep or return played cards as it will be totally based on our needs at the time they are received. If cards are returned for any reason, a shipping fee will be deducted from any cards kept.

Make sure to send your cards securely packaged. Sending your items in a small box is the most secure way but is not required. We also recommend using a tracked service from the US Post Office as we are not responsible for lost shipments.

Once received, your items will be examined within 24 hours. Payment for goods received will be made within 24 of acceptance, either in the form of a company check or paypal, whichever the sender prefers. Orders in excess of $1000 will receive payment via Overnight Check or Paypal.

Our address:

Contact Info:
Preston Cordy,
Executive Buyer
Phone: 812-948-0960
P.O. Box 435
New Albany, IN 47151-0435


Selling us collections:

Please email a description of your collection (how many cards, how many rares, any standouts) and we will respond.