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Okko: Era of the Asagiri

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Okko is a miniature game that is played on a board with squares. It simulates skirmishes between Samurai and other typical Japanese-inspired characters (Ninjas, Geishas !!!) in the empire of Pajan. Each player controls from 4 to 6 charactersOkko is released as basis boxes containing the rules, adventure book, 6 double sided modular game boards, 10 special dice and 20 cardboard miniatures.Like Asmodee's other offering, Dungeon Twister (, there are lead miniatures to replace the cardboard minis included in this game (The lead figures are sold unpainted. The editor sells painted figures, but they are for collection and are more expensive).Okko is inspired from a comic published by 'Les Editions Delcourt' (French), 'Archaia Studios Press' (English) and 'Silvester Strips' (Dutch), 'Carlsen Comics' (German)

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Publisher: Asmodee, Hazgaard Editions, Idea Edizioni



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