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The original game was invented by Harry E. Gavitt and published in 1903 by Gavitt Publishing and Printing. In that game players deal and trade cards to corner the railway stock market. Be the first to get all the cards of one railway line, call out 'Topeka' and youll win the hand!But Pit, the more famous version, adapted by Edgar Cayce, was first published by Parker Brothers in 1904 and in many editions since. In this loud, real-time trading game, players are given the task of cornering the market in one type of commodity. There are as many suits as there are players, and all the cards are dealt out at the start of each round. When the trading begins, players offer sets of cards to each other in the hopes of completing a set for themselves. If you're successful, you score points. If you're not successful, then you could lose points for having a particularly bad card in your possession at the end of the trading.Most editions support up to 8 players, but at least one allows up to 10.Printings: Gavitt Publishing and Printing (1903) (As Gavitt's Stock Exchange) Parker Brothers (1904-???) Out of the Box (2004-Present) Winning Moves

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Publisher: Parker Brothers, Winning Moves
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