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All the facts you should have learned in sex education class(while you were too busy laughing at pictures of hoohas and wee wees) and all the information you should have read about STD pamphlets (while nervously awaiting results at the local clinic) can now be found in the form of a fast, fun,hilarious, informative party game. Yes, you read that correctly. QUICKIE: The Card Game is a fun, fast-paced,easy-to-learn, informative, hilarious party game. The rules are simple: your hand is full of potential sexual diseases; get rid of them if you can, give them to other players, and try not to gain more. definitely do NOT get stuck with them. Go ahead and play. All your friends are doing it. Contents: 150 cards (81 Disease cards, 14 Non-disease cards, and 55 Action cards Instruction booklet 1 blank die Sticker sheet Made in China DISCLAIMER: Even though this contains certain facts about STD's and sexual practices, it is still only a game and for entertainment purposes only. This game is not intended to be an authority source for information. Thank you for playing.


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