AEGIS: Combining Robot Strategy Gam

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Action Point Allowance, Area Control, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Modular Board, Player Elimination
2 - 6
20 - 120 minutes
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AEGIS: Combining Robot Strategy Gam

Build your team, combine your robots, and fight to victory! AEGIS is a fast and furious tactics game in which players command a team of five combining robots. Using synergy and tactics, destroy your opponents' robots! Perform attacks and unite their bodies together into immensely powerful forms to claim victory! This is a perfect game for wargame newcomers and veterans alike!

The world of Sigaea is caught in a giant robot war! It's up to you to command your robots to victory.

Build your five-robot team from five different robot classes: Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel, and Support! Fight head to head in less than thirty minutes! Move tactically as your robots share energy with each other! Intuitive combat uses single-digit numbers and six-sided dice. Combine your bots together during combat into more powerful forms! There are endless possibilities as you fight with over one hundred unique robots across six game modes, including drafting and objective-control modes!