Charmed and Dangerous: Fairest in the Land

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Th3rd World Studios
Family Mechanism: Campaign Games Players: Games with Solitaire Rules Advertisement Charmed and Dangerous is an all-ages, fairy tale, RPG card game about your favorite Princesses! In this cooperative, adventure card game that gives 1-4 players the c
1 - 4
15 - 40 minutes
Michael Haneline, Robert Gallerani
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Charmed and Dangerous: Fairest in the Land

She is vain. She is wicked. And with thirteen words, she changed the land of myth and fable for all time. The Evil Queen failed to kill her hated stepdaughter once and Snow White is more beloved than ever, but the Queen's hatred has not softened over time. She has amassed a new army and new plans dedicated to destroying Snow White and her new allies. You and the other Princesses will have to band together to brave the traps and minions of the Jade Fortress and bring an end to the terrible reign of this legendary Villainess. The Fairest in the Land expansion for Charmed and Dangerous also adds 2 additional Villainesses to the game, a bonus lair, new Princesses and a brand new keyword mechanic for the game.