Cradle of Civilization

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Cradle of Civilization

Cradle of Civilization is a two games in one pack that allows players to determine the fate of the ancient near east. In one game civilizations rise while in the other players battle over whether the great Persian Empire will survive. Both games emphasize simplicity but not at the price of being unrealistic.

Sumeria to Persia
For thousands of years, civilizations rose and fell in the Ancient Near East. Sumerian city states gave way to great kingdoms and empires. Egyptian dynasties came and went. The Greeks went from the glories of Mycenae to a backwater and then to laying the seeds of Western civilization. The period culminated in the foundation of the Persian Empire by Cyrus II, later known as "the Great." Sumeria to Persia allows players to recreate the world of the Ancient Near East with a simple rules system inspired by the classic History of the World.

Alexander vs Darius
Alexander III earned his name "the Great" by destroying the Persian Empire, at that time the greatest civilization on Earth. Persia had more money, ships, and soldiers guarding a vast realm. They had good commanders such as Memnon and Ariobarzanes. Even after the victory at Gaugamela, the Persians resisted and nearly defeated Alexander at the Persian Gate. In Alexander vs Darius, players decide the fate of Persia with a rules system crafted for wars that are considered difficult to simulate.