Cthulhu Wars: Beyond Space and Time Expansion

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Petersen Games
Action Point Allowance System, Area Movement, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
2 - 5
90 - 120 minutes
Sandy Petersen, Lincoln Petersen
Cthulhu Wars: Beyond Space and Time Expansion

Vooniths are an ?amphibious horror? referenced by Lovecraft in his tale, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Pretty much nothing else is known of them. The design of the Voonith upon sirens and amphisboenas ? these are existing amphibians & reptiles who only have forelegs. So the back half of the Voonith is long & eel-like, while the front part has claws and fangs. The model shows it rearing up, ready to strike. They cost 3 Power, and only have 1 Combat, which may at first seem puny, but wait, there?s more!

The Voonith is a solitary hunter, and I wanted the in-game version to foster that concept. Therefore, its special ability is that if you roll NO kills in a battle involving your Voonith, add 1 kill to your total. Because of this, the Voonith?s 1 combat die isn?t actually a drawback. If you have 2 Vooniths and roll no kills, you?d get 2 kills for free. And yes, if you have 2 Vooniths in Battle and roll only 1 kill, you get a free kill for your deficit. Basically, each Voonith you have provides a guaranteed kill!