Dance Card! Deluxe

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Picture of Dance Card! Deluxe game
$45.00 $31.49
(You save $13.51)
Cardboard Console Games
Race Set Collection Solo / Solitaire Game Team-Based Game Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
30 - 60 minutes
Michael Melkonian

Dance Card! is a family friendly strategy game, set during a high school Homecoming dance! All of the players take on the roles of students and have the objective of dancing with each of their personal dance partners to win the game. The contemporary setting, vibrant art style, and unique theme is designed to appeal to younger players, those new to the tabletop hobby, and parents who want a game to help their kids transition into the world of hobby gaming. Despite being a gateway game, Dance Card! also provides plenty of challenge and replay value for more experienced players as well.

The most important aspect of Dance Card! is its cast. Rather than include generic students, each of the 32 playable characters in Dance Card are completely unique, with their own style and personal abilities. To better reflect the real, contemporary world that high school students live in today, the cast of Dance Card is designed to be inclusive and representative of many different cultures, orientations, and dress styles.


Please note that this Deluxe Edition includes several extra cards, tokens, standees, dials and more. Dance Card! is a fantastic first entry in what we are launching as a new franchise with future expansions and spin-offs for your customers to enjoy