De Stijl

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Picture of De Stijl game
$15.99 $7.89
(You save $8.10)
Quick Simple Fun Games
Area Control ,Card Drafting ,Tile Placement
2 - 5
20 - 30 minutes
Lucas Gerlach

Craft Your Masterpiece!

Experience the simple and elegant spirit of the De Stijl movement! Use your artistic eye to create vibrant patterns on the table's blank canvas, and make your color stand out as the focus of the finished pieces!

With each passing turn, you will add the strokes of your brush to the painting by choosing a card and laying it to overlap a small portion of the piece. As you add cards to the painting, you will masterfully guide its mood. Strategically add, split, and cover sells of color to ensure that yours is the most prominent.

Master "the style," and make your mark!