Drawn to Adventure

$29.00 $14.39
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Picture of Drawn to Adventure game
$29.00 $14.39
(You save $14.61)
Final Frontier Games
Dice Rolling Drafting Multiple Maps Paper-and-Pencil Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game Solo / Solitaire Game Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
30 - 90 minutes
Keith Piggott

In Drawn to Adventure, you and up to three other adventurers will embark on an epic journey across the Five Realms, where you can use your skills and abilities to slay monsters and complete quests. You will have the chance to earn many rewards, such as mana to activate special powers; experience to level up your character; and—of course—glorious treasure!

Drawn to Adventure is a campaign-driven, roll-&-write game. Each player uses a dry-erase flip-book that contains six different hex-grid maps. Campaigns are played over three of the six maps. After the third map is finished, the player with the most treasure wins. So grab your mighty pen and come along; fame and fortune await those who are truly Drawn to Adventure!