Feudum: Big Box

$120.00 $82.99
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Picture of Feudum: Big Box game
$120.00 $82.99
(You save $37.01)
Odd Bird Games
Area Control ,Hand Management ,Programming ,Simultaneous Action Selection
2 - 5
80 - 180 minutes
Mark K. Swanson

Feudum is an economic medieval game of hand and resource management for 2-5 players. With many strategies at their disposal, players optimize four actions per turn in attempt to score the most victory points over five epochs.

The limited-edition, space-saving "Big Box" is the same size as the regular box. Includes:

Feudum Base Game
Feudum: Alter Ego
Feudum: Seals & Sirens
Feudum: Windmills & Catapults