Field Commander: Napoleon

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Dan Verssen Games
Dice Rolling,Area Movement
120 - 180 minutes
Aaron Anderson,Dan Verssen,Miguel Santos,Jacques-Louis David,Wan Chiu
Dan Verssen
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Field Commander: Napoleon

The third game in our Field Commander series, Field Commander-Napoleon allows players to step into the boots of one of greatest military commanders in history, Napoleon Bonaparte. The game covers all of Napoleon's campaigns from his first in 1796 Italy to his final battle at Waterloo in 1815. While other game products focus on a single battle or campaign, Field Commander-Napoleon covers ALL of Napoleon's campaigns from his initial campaigns in Italy in 1796 until his final battle at Waterloo in 1815. The game's Battlefield System allows players to uniquely experience Napoleon's amazing military career, seamlessly moving from one campaign to the next. Each of the 11 campaigns features its own set of components- allowing the player to customize the specific forces and troop quality for each campaign. Field Commander-Napoleon does not use generic Infantry and Cavalry forces, but historically accurate unit counters with the individual names of their commanders. Field Commander-Napoleon features strategic level area movement on 7 different MOUNTED campaign maps, and an exciting Battlefield system to resolve tactical battles. The tactical system centers on the all important "Line" and "Column" formation system that played a pivotal role in battlefield tactics of the period. Vive L' Empereur!