Free Market: NYC

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Action Queue Area Majority / Influence Auction/Bidding Card Drafting Commodity Speculation Dice Rolling Pattern Recognition Stock Holding Variable Player Powers Worker Placement
2 - 5
90 - 180 minutes
Izik Nevo
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Free Market: NYC

FREE MARKET: NYC is a competitive and strategic board game based on the principles of a free market economy, presented from a humorous and ironic perspective of life.
In this game, you will find yourself managing a group of people who work together in different assignments, aiming to grow their fortune according to your vision.
Throughout the game, you will purchase merchandise at the auction, deliver goods to shops and factories, establish partnerships in shops and factories, or possibly take over other players' business and capital.
You will also attend events, influence politics, win awards, and garner all kinds of influence to help your businesses, partnerships, and assets flourish as you move forward in the game.
The trick is simple: buy when the market is low and sell when it's high to make the most profit before your opponents do.
The most successful businessman wins the game.