Gambit Royale

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Rio Grande Games
Card Driven
2 - 6
30 - 45 minutes
Lutz Stepponat
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Gambit Royale

Gambit Royale, the fast-moving family game first released under the name Ruse & Bruise. is now available with 5 new cards. The players use their royal households to manipulate the court and gain the most fame (victory points).

Each player has a deck of influence cards and starts with a hand of three cards. At the beginning of a round, new goal cards worth 1-5 victory points are revealed.

On their turn, a player plays a card face down below a goal card, then draws a replacement; if a face-down card is alredy present beneath this goal, the player reveals it and executes its action.

Once all goals have as many cards below them as their VP value, the round ends. Remaining face-down cards are revealed. Then, end of round characters, if any were played, are resolved.

Whichever player has the most influence on a goal claims that goal. After six rounds, players tally their goal cards to determine their final score.