Hammer and Nails: A Card Tile Game

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Picture of Hammer and Nails: A Card Tile Game game
$14.99 $3.59
(You save $11.40)
YB Games (Yellow Bridge Games)
Tile Placement
2 - 4
20 - 35 Minutes
Jason C. Schlatter

Basics of Hammer and Nails – A Card Tile Game

Competing players take turns constructing a dynamic Build Stack using cards played from their hand. The objective is to have the fewest number of total Nails, including visible Nails on the Build Stack at the end of the game.

Players tactically stack the cards which produce interesting outcomes for placement of their opponents' cards. Typically, Players have 4 cards in hand, plays one per turn and draws or discards cards at end of their turn.

The rule set, percentages of mechanics, and location of the Hammers and Nails have been designed to provide a challenge and encourage players to engage in tactical thinking. The format and rules engine allows any level of experience an opportunity to enjoy a competitive game, however the game scales in it's competitive nature as players advance and formulate their adaptive play style during a game.

Welcome to the unique competitive Build Stack of Card Tiles!