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In hexaGONE, players take turns placing hexagons from their hand with the intention of creating hexagon sequences which match one of the face up Sequence Cards. The more complicated the sequence, the more the Sequence Card is worth. If a player manages to match a sequence, that player collects the Sequence Card, scores the points listed on the card, and a new Sequence Card is drawn. The player with the most points at the end of the game - as determined by the sum of his or her Sequence Cards - is the winner.

hexaGONE is sort of like abstract Scrabble. Instead of creating words (and then losing a friendship over an argument about whether yex is a real word) players strive to create sequences which match any of the various face-up Sequence Cards. The sequences on the Sequence Cards range from simple 4-hexagon sequence to more complex, longer ones.

Special-Play hexagons add variety to the game by allowing players to do more than just place hexagons onto the board. Here are some of the Special-Play hexagons included in hexaGONE:

Swap-agon: swap the positions of any two hexagons on the board.
Draw-agon: immediately draw 2 hexagons. You may exceed your hand size limit for this turn only.
Move-agon: move one hexagon on the board to a new location
Bomb-agon: remove a face up Sequence Card then you may immediately draw a new one