Marry the Monster

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$39.99 $27.99
(You save $12.00)
Petersen Games
Grid Movement Hexagon Grid King of the Hill Resource to Move Take That Zone of Control
3 - 5
30 - 45 minutes
Zoran Dobrijevic, Arthur Petersen

You are a duke trying to build up your lands where the monstrous fachan is rampaging. But he is just lonely. Your cunning plan is to make a false bride for him just behind your rivals’ buildings. The love-struck monster will crash through the other dukes’ lands, destroying them, while you continue to build up yours!

Marry the Monster is a game for 3 to 5 players in which each player scores points by building structures and having them remain until your next turn without being destroyed by the monster. Turns are taken by playing cards, and there is no upkeep phase – play simply continues until there is a winner.'