Merlin's Beast Hunt

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Picture of Merlin's Beast Hunt game
$49.99 $13.99
(You save $36.00)
WizKids Games
Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers
2 - 4
45 - 606 minutes
Ian Bach

Most know of the tournaments of knights hosted by Arthur, but only a few know of Merlin's Beast Hunt tournament! Held on a remote isle, mages use magical seeds and their own sorcery to create fences of natural elements to enclose and capture various beasts.

As one of the competing mages, you will use your share of 80 custom dice as seeds to hold semi-transparent cards that represent fences of bamboo, lightning, thorns, and water. Use these fences to capture magical beasts: chimeras, unicorns, basilisks, and centaurs. The winner of the tournament is the magician who has the most points for capturing beasts and building fences. That Wizard will become the Champion of Magic!