Mine All Mines

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Mine All Mines

A dwarven card game of mining and masonry. Each player has a team of specialist dwarven miners, each good at collecting the right precious metals and gems to create beautiful jewelry. Be the first to fulfill the necessary orders, gaining a reputation of being the best crafts person with the different gems, and ultimately gain the most favor with the Nobility.

The mining Dwarves all have a Friend and a Foe that can either help or hinder them.

Take Ruby for example:
As Ruby’s name implies, he is an expert at mining for rubies. He will produce +1 Ruby for you if you hire him. His foe (on the left) is Diamond and his friend (on the right) is Sapphire. Diamond will rob Ruby of a gem if he gets a chance (hence the minus symbol), but Sapphire will get an extra gem from the ruby mine supply with the help of his friend (hence the plus symbol).
Friend Actions (+ pluses) are cumulative allowing you take several gems in one turn. Foe Actions (-minuses) rob other players of valuable gems. The crux of the game is to know how and when to take advantage of the Dwarfs’ friendships and rivalries for your gain.