Mr. Jack Revised Edition

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Asmodee Editions
Grid Movement,Variable Player Powers
30 minutes
Bruno Cathala,Ludovic Maublanc
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Mr. Jack Revised Edition

In this new revised edition of Mr. Jack, the classic game of deduction and deception, players take on the task of escaping the authorities as Jack or become a detective assigned to track down the notorious criminal. This new edition comes with a revised board layout and all new original art, but this intriguing game of cat and mouse is still as thrilling as ever! The night covers the gloomy alleys with darkness and only a few corners are still illuminated by the gaslights. Eight investigators have gathered to catch the cunning Jack the Ripper. But Jack is in fact cleverly impersonating one of them. In Mr. Jack, one of the players must help the investigators. By moving each character into light or shadow, the detective player makes successive deductions to uncover which investigator is in fact Jack, then he/she must try to catch the infamous ripper. The opponent, playing Jack, must do his best to delay the investigation. He can even try to use the darkness to secretly flee the district! A thrilling game for two players!