Narcos: The Board Game

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Fel Barros
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Narcos: The Board Game

The drug war is in full swing in Colombia, and the man who controls the biggest operation is known as the Patron. His enemies are numerous, and they'll stop at nothing to bring his empire to its knees. He will have to avoid his would-be captors, as he moves from one Location to the next, using his many properties as hideouts in a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

In Narcos: The Board Game, based on the Netflix original show, one player takes on the role of the Patron, while the others become the Factions forming a tense alliance in their search for the cartel kingpin. Unfortunately for the Patron, his Sicarios leave behind clues to his Location, allowing the Factions to close the net. Are the Patron's days numbered, or will he find a way to escape his pursuers?