Pandoria: Trolls & Trails

$22.99 $17.49
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Picture of Pandoria: Trolls & Trails game
$22.99 $17.49
(You save $5.50)
Area Majority / Influence Enclosure Hand Management Team-Based Game Tile Placement Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
30 - 90 minutes
Jeffrey D. Allers, Bernd Eisenstein

Your scouts have discovered a hidden valley deep in the mountains of Pandoria, divided by rivers and large lakes. Here your people can develop the land undisturbed. But as you begin to inhabit these new lands, you discover that you are not alone: trolls from the surrounding mountains are staking their claims. You compete with the increasingly powerful trolls for the greatest influence in these 7 new territories.
Can you evolve fast enough to be the dominant realm in the end?

Trolls & Trails contains a new double-sided game board to play solo against the trolls, or to have an alternative map containing "trails" over the mountains.