Smash Up World Tour: International Incident

$24.99 $17.29
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Picture of Smash Up World Tour: International Incident game
$24.99 $17.29
(You save $7.70)
Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
Area Control / Area Influence, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
30 - 45 minutes
Gong Studios, Alberto Tavira, Francisco Rico Torres
Paul Peterson
Smash Up

2019 kicks off the Smash Up World Tour! As we rock our way around the globe we encounter the coolest, and most interesting people... and things! Our first stops take us to Mexico and the Luchadores, Canada and the Mounties, Japan and the Sumo, and France and the Musketeers. Don't miss this set, the tour has only just begun!