Smiths of Winterforge

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Passport Game Studios
Action Point Allowance, Point to Point Movement, Variable Player Powers
2 - 5
60 - 75 minutes
Jennah Grimsey, Dylan Shearer, Aaron Sparke
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Smiths of Winterforge

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The forges of the Dwarven city of Winterforge have fired up once more. The royal centenary contract is up for renewal and only one of the legendary guilds can win the favour of the royal family and claim the contract as their own.

In Smiths of Winterforge players take control of a guild that has to earn money and reputation to ensure they are chosen for the royal centenary contract. You earn money by:

  • Taking contracts from the guild precinct
  • Buying components from the market place
  • Using components to craft your contract in the forge and earning money

Don’t have enough money to buy the components you need? get a loan from the bank. Just make sure you pay it back before the end of the game.

Need a hand finishing your contract? Head to the Tavern and grab some crew to join your guild.

There are many paths to riches and reputation, are you going to take the right one?