Spy Connection

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Picture of Spy Connection
$32.99 $17.99
(You save $15.00)
Pegasus Spiele
Network and Route Building, Open Drafting, Point to Point Movement
2 - 4
20-30 minutes
Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert

For a spy, a network of valuable contacts and inconspicuous travel opportunities is elemental to their survival. But as the players of Spy Connection will soon come to learn, in a job as dangerous as this, contacts may vanish into the underground and the window of time to use a secure travel route may close at any point. Which missions will the players try to complete? How will they best use their network for this? And at what point will they sacrifice their existing network for the benefit of new routes?


1 game board
48 cards
4 player meeples
54 network markers
1 rulebook (GER/EN)