Star Wars: Legion - ARC Troopers Unit Expansion

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Fantasy Flight Games
Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
60 - 120 minutes
Alex Davy
Star Wars: Legion - ARC Troopers Unit Expansion

The Best of the Best

The Galactic Republic’s clone troopers are some of the finest soldiers in the galaxy, but only the best of the best can call themselves ARC Troopers. Constantly pushing their physical, tactical, and strategic skills to the limit, ARC troopers undertake the most arduous missions on behalf of the Republic.

This also means ARC troopers are among the most flexible warriors in the Grand Army of the Republic, able to fire with devastating accuracy even while on the move with their JT-12 Jetpacks . When deployed as a two-man fire team, they act as a scalpel, scouting ahead to snap off deadly long-range blaster shots. As they do, eight upgrade cards allow you to tailor your unit for the specific mission parameters with additional weapons, gear, personnel and more.

No matter how you decide to use them in battle, you’ll find plenty of ways to customize your miniatures in the ARC Troopers Unit Expansion. In addition to multiple helmet options for every ARC Trooper, some troopers can be assembled wielding dual DC-17 hand blasters or with a powerful DC-15x sniper rifle. Finally, several troopers are highly posable as they blast into action with their jetpacks.