Star Wars: Legion - B2 Super Battle Droids Unit Expansion

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Picture of Star Wars: Legion - B2 Super Battle Droids Unit Expansion game
$39.99 $31.99
(You save $8.00)
Fantasy Flight Games
Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
60 - 120 minutes
Alex Davy

B2 Super Battle Droids Unit Expansion

B2 super battle droids were the hulking, brutal cousins of the wiry B1-series battle droids of the Separatist army. Heavily armored and devastatingly powerful with their integrated wrist blasters, the sight of a squad of these droids on the battlefield could chill even the most seasoned clone troopers.

Like their fellow battle droids, B2 units share the compulsion to attack at the first sight of the enemy. Unlike these other droids, however, they bring heavy firepower to these attacks. When their standard arm cannons aren't enough, a B2-ACM Trooper can add even more firepower to the unit or a B2-HA Trooper can punch a hole through enemy defenses.

The B2 Super Battle Droids Unit Expansion provides your army with six hard plastic B2 Super Battle Droid miniatures on frames to add to your Star Wars: Legion collection. Four of these miniatures feature the standard wrist cannons seen on most B2 battle droids and three of them can be posed in a variety of positions. Meanwhile, separate B2-HA and B2-ACM miniatures menace opposing armies with heavy weapons.