Star Wars: Legion - Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion

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Fantasy Flight Games
Dice Rolling , Variable Player Powers,
2 Players
60 - 120 minutes
Star Wars: Legion - Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion

Variable Consistency

In contrast to B1 Battle Droids, the Republic’s Phase I Clone Troopers are some of the most elite infantry troops the galaxy has ever seen. In addition to the protection provided by their armor, these dedicated soldiers wield their DC-15A blaster rifles with expert proficiency. But that does not mean they can’t use other weapons.

Within the Clone Wars Core Set and Phase I Clone Troopers Unit Expansion, you’ll already find two heavy weapons that can greatly enhance your Clone Troopers’ combat effectiveness, including a DC-15 Phase I Trooper and a Z-6 Phase I Trooper.  The Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion supplements these weapons with two additional options.

The Separatist Alliance commonly supports its swarms of battle droids with heavily armored vehicles, such as the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank. To counter these threats, units of Phase I Clone Troopers are often deployed with RPS-6 Phase I Troopers who can stop these vehicles in their tracks. Meanwhile, a DP-23 Phase I Trooper helps his unit rapidly thin the Separatist’s numbers by piercing enemy defenses.

Despite their combat prowess, new weapons aren’t the only way to improve your Phase I Clone Troopers. Two new personnel miniatures can be added to the unit and they do more than simply bolster your numbers. A  Phase I Clone Captain can lead their troops through even the heaviest fire while keeping them at peak efficiency. And, seeing as a Clone Captain can provide his unit with some extra training, they all can further augment their skills, perhaps even hunting down a wounded enemy operative or commander.

Similarly, a Phase I Clone Specialist  is equally adept at both offense and defense, helping their unit focus on the area that suits them best. What’s more, the Clone Specialist gives you the opportunity to carry extra gear, boosting their offense with some Targeting Scopes  or the offense of those around them with some Electrobinoculars.