Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion Scientist Specialization Deck

$14.99 $2.99
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Picture of Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion Scientist Specialization Deck game
$14.99 $2.99
(You save $12.00)
Asterion Press, Edge Entertainment, Fantasy Flight Games, Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Campaign / Battle Card Driven, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers
2 - 5
60 - 60 minutes
Campaign Games, Star Wars, Star Wars: Imperial Assault

From the publisher:

Climb effortlessly through the ranks of the Rebel Alliance with Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Specialization Decks! Created via FFG's in-house manufacturing, Age of Rebellion Specialization Decks each come with twenty talent cards for a single specialization, so you can keep the text of your character's abilities at your fingertips. Spend less time consulting your blueprints and more time updating Rebel tech, blowing up Imperial shield generators, and convincing the galaxy's citizens to join the fight for freedom!

The Alliance is constantly forced to find creative solutions to problems, including matters of supply, housing, transport, effective weaponry, defenses, and a host of others. The people they turn to for those creative solutions are those who are trained and driven to identify a need and seek out a technical solution to it - in other words, Scientists like you. Most Scientists prefer to work in labs, but the reality of war is such that even Scientists must sometimes face blaster fire. In such cases, it's helpful to consolidate your resources, and the Scientist Specialization Deck can help to keep your talents close at hand, even in the heat of battle.


  • 2 Cover Cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
  • 20 Talent Cards