Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - Major Vonreg`s TIE Expansion Pack

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Picture of Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - Major Vonreg`s TIE Expansion Pack game
$23.99 $19.19
(You save $4.80)
Fantasy Flight Games
Action / Movement Programming, Dice Rolling, Player Elimination, Simultaneous Action Selection, Variable Player Powers
30 - 120 minutes
Jason Little

Major Vonreg’s TIE Expansion Pack

As the personal ship of the First Order elite ace Major Baron Elrik Vonreg, the Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems TIE/ba Baron Space Superiority Interceptor strikes fear in the hearts of even the most grizzled Resistance pilots. Major Vonreg personally guided the enhancement of proven designs to create this precise and lethal craft.

Engineered with precision and lethality in mind, the TIE/ba interceptor has many ways to put pressure on your opponents. Whether you're using its prodigious speed, fine-tuned thrusters, or missiles such as Mag-Pulse Warheads, a single skilled pilot can wreak havoc on squadrons unprepared to face them.

Within this expansion, you’ll find four pilots ready to fight for the First Order, as well as six upgrade cards to fine-tune your TIE/ba interceptor’s capabilities. Accompanying these are two Quick Build cards with pre-built combinations of pilots and upgrades to help you get flying right away.