Talisman: Clash Of Heroes Card Game

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Pegasus Spiele
2 - 6
20 - 90 Minutes
Michael Palm, Lukas Zach
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Talisman: Clash Of Heroes Card Game

Estimated Release Date is Dec 30th 2019

Six adventurers, one goal: becoming the greatest hero in history. Adventures, treasure hunts or direct confrontation - there are many ways to rise to glory and fame. Maintaining one’s high reputation is where things get challenging. The legendary Talismans are a great help but they can be lost quickly, and those who were heroes once soon sink into oblivion. In Talisman - The Card Game: Clash of Heroes, players can experience this fast-paced back and forth in a battle for glory. Each round, they take actions to move across the modular board, open treasure chests, buy power cards, or attack their opponents. While adventures grant plenty of glory points in one go, each health point taken from an opponent in combat immediately gains the attacker one glory point, thus turning successful adventurers into living targets - because whoever gains twelve glory points first, wins.

Talisman - The Card Game: Clash of Heroes is a new card-driven game set in the world of Talisman. Several valid strategies, acquirable power cards to improve one’s abilities, quick battles, and the chance to steal points from opponents make this a highly interactive, competitive game. Additionally, a collection of scenarios varies game¬play for increased replayability.