The City of Kings: Character Pack 1 - Yanna And Kuma

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The City of Games
Action Point Allowance System, Cooperative Play, Modular Board, Role Playing, Storytelling, Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
45 - 180 Minutes
Frank West
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The City of Kings: Character Pack 1 - Yanna And Kuma

Estimated Release Date is Feb 28th 2019

Character Pack 1 introduces 2 new playable heroes and a 3 story adventure which can be played alongside, or after the core storyline.
Yanna Stormtree: Yanna shares her skill tree with Ekka, introducing pets to The City of Kings. Send Ekka to explore, fetch items or team up to perform powerful attacks! 
Kuma, the Old: Prowl around the world sneak past creatures, collect quests, and try to find balance, as Kuma’s health is tied directly to his skills.

Yanna Stormtree and Kuma, the Old introduce advanced characters and pets to The City of Kings adding new ways to customize your characters as you play through a new adventure.