The Supershow: Rising Sun Vs Big Shot

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SRG Universe
Deck / Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
2 - 6
5 - 10 Minutes
Steve Resk
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The Supershow: Rising Sun Vs Big Shot

Step into ring and try and keep your opponent down for the three count in The Supershow. This fast-paced back and forth wrestling dice and card game has the feel and excitement of a live wrestling match. Learn in only 5 minutes, but spend hours becoming master in the ring. Multiplayer is supported with additional purchases.

Competitors build up to their finishing moves by playing Lead and Follow-up cards. Through the roll of a Skill Die, the unique turn structure always keeps each Competitor in the match and brings for excitement with every roll. When a Competitor builds up to and hits one of their Finish cards, their opponent has a chance to break out of the 1-2-3 count with their dice! If they don’t, the match comes to an end, but If they do, all cards played are discarded and through the excitement of the Crowd Meter the next finish is more likely to end the match