Treasure Island: Captain Silver – Revenge Island

$30.00 $23.99
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Picture of Treasure Island: Captain Silver – Revenge Island game
$30.00 $23.99
(You save $6.01)
Asmodee Editions
Line Drawing, Storytelling, Variable Player Powers
2 - 5
45 minutes
Marc Paquien

After a first adventure full of twists and turns, Captain Silver takes shelter on an island he knows well: Revenge Island! Unfortunately, an English garrison controls the area, and soon after having concealed a precious treasure, Silver ends up in jail once again.

With a new island to discover and a new "The Tricks of Silver" module that includes new cards for Long John Silver — corrupt soldiers, worrying weather, a ghost twin... — it's up to you to overcome his tricks and achieve your goals before he escapes from the English jails!

In addition to the new module for Captain Silver, the Treasure Island: Captain Silver – Revenge Island expansion contains new immersive components and two new maps: Revenge Island, and an original re-interpretation of the existing map.