Villages of Valeria: Architects

$15.00 $10.49
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Picture of Villages of Valeria: Architects game
$15.00 $10.49
(You save $4.51)
Daily Magic Games
Card Drafting, Hand Management
2 - 5
30 - 60 minutes
Rick Holzgrafe, Isaias Vallejo

Master Architects make their way to the King’s Hall after hearing news that the King of Valeria is ready to establish a new Capital City. Each Architect, aligned with different guilds, drafts new buildings and sends envoys to call on new adventurers. Some plans are ambitious, so the Master Architects ask you to allow them to use your castle grounds to extract resources.

In Villages of Valeria: Architects, players will have the option to play with secret objectives (Architect cards) and have more flexibility in creating any resource they want with the Castle Grounds cards. Six new unique Buildings will add even more depth and strategy to your turns and new Adventurers will help you gain bonus points and actions based on those Buildings.

Will these new powers and objectives help you build the next capital of Valeria?