WW84: Wonder Woman Card Game

$20.00 $11.89
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Picture of WW84: Wonder Woman Card Game game
$20.00 $11.89
(You save $8.11)
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Card Game
2 - 4
25 minutes

Based on the long-awaited movie Wonder Woman 1984, the fast-paced card game WW84: Wonder Woman 1984 Card Game lets up to four players take on the role of the Amazon princess as she fights off villains and saves innocent citizens.

In the game, you and all other players each have your own deck comprised of four types of actions cards: block, lasso, sprint, and punch. On a turn, you play own or more cards against one of the enemies in play, possibly start that fight or possibly adding to the efforts of another Wonder Woman. When that enemy has had the right combination of actions played against it, players receive rewards depending on what and how much they contributed to that victory. Rescued civilians are your reward, and whoever has rescued the most civilians after all ten enemies have been defeated wins.