You're An Idiot

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You're An Idiot

A familiar judge-based gameplay (that party-game players have proven to love) lends itself perfectly to this game where everyone gets a chance to star as the idiot.

The judge spins the spinner. The spinner points to a player at the table who then becomes the idiot. It also determines any possible card or gameplay changes. The judge chooses one card (of either color) to play about that round's Idiot, and each player then plays an opposing card from their hand. The judge reads all combinations aloud and picks the winner.

What makes it different?

• It uses players as stars of questionable antics and accusations, as determined by the direction of the spinner. 
• It keeps gameplay fresh with random chances to refresh the cards in your hand, as determined by the spinner. For example:
Passing cards around the table (Sloppy Seconds), trading in some cards for new ones (Take a Dump), or simply playing a round blindly (In the Dark).