A Touch of Evil: The Coast Expansion

$39.99 $33.99
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Picture of A Touch of Evil: The Coast Expansion game
$39.99 $33.99
(You save $6.00)
Flying Frog Productions
Area Movement, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Roll / Spin and Move, Variable Player Powers
1 - 12
120 - 120 minutes
Jack Scott Hill
Jason C. Hill
A Touch of Evil

A Touch of Evil: The Coast is packed full of new material for A Touch of Evil including four exciting new Heroes, a new full size game board of the fog-shrouded coastline to add to the main Shadowbrook board, new Town Elders, and a host of new mysteries to be solved. The Coast also features tons of new game cards including decks for new Locations to explore, The Smuggler's Cove, Lighthouse, a haunted Shipwreck, and the long cursed village of Tidewater; and much more! With four fearsome new Villains to hunt like The Ghost Ship, Siren, or the dreaded Dreamweaver, the Heroes must fend off deadly curses and contend with all manner of creatures from the dark depths to keep evil at bay, forcing it back into the icy waters that break along the rocky shores of The Coast.