Party Games

What can you do with a group of people too large for a traditional board game or you have players that want a quick experience with few rules? The best thing to do is check out of selection of party games here at Cardhaus Games. Party games can be a great way of breaking the ice or getting more people involved. Though these group games can be light on the rules they make up for it by often being enriched by the players creativity and just participation.

With Party Games, The More, The Merrier

From trivia to drawing and miming, getting more people, or the whole crowd, involved can turn a good time into a great time. Party Game is a pretty broad title for a wide range of games. From team based problem solving, to fastest hand eye coordination Party Games can easily be catered to a wide variety of players. Dice games that are designed to push your luck, and clue giving games that tie down your words are just a few types of games that can provide the correct amount of time and focus to your group. Murder mysteries where you can be the ghost of the victim or you can be the detectives trying to solve the crime. Games with no boards at all where you are trying to sleuth out the one werewolf among the crowd.


With our group games collection you can find the game that fits your time and theme needs for any party or get together. Word games, picture games, psychological games and just plain silly games allow you to round out your collection to suit all your needs. Party games that can include the whole family and provide hours of replay entertainment.