Award Winning Board Games

Award Winning Board Games of 2022

We're proud to present board game winners that have been awarded in 2022:


The American Tabletop Awards


As d'Or (Golden Ace) Awards

Casual Games Winner - Cubitos
Complex Games Winner - Lost Ruins of Arnak
Strategy Games Winner - Cascadia
  Jeu de l'Année Expert Winner - Dune: Imperium
Jeu de l'Année Initiate Winner - Living Forest
Jeu de l'Année Winner - 7 Wonders: Architects

Spiel des Jahres


Spiel der Spiele

Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner - Living Forest
Kinderspiel des Jahres Winner - Magic Mountain
Spiel des Jahres Winner - Cascadia
  Game of the Year Winner - Wonder Book
Expert Game Winner - Gutenberg
Friends Game Winner - Dreadful Circus

UK Games Expo

Judges Choice Awards   People's Choice Awards
Best Boardgame (American-Style) Winner - Unfathomable
Best Boardgame (Euro-Style) Winner - Bitoku
Best Boardgame (Strategic) Winner - The Thing: The Boardgame

Best Boardgame (American-Style) Winner - Unfathomable
Best Boardgame (Euro-Style) Winner - Lost Ruins of Arnak
Best Boardgame (Strategic) Winner - Get on Board: New York & London




Best Translated Board Game of the Year Winner - Lost Ruins of Arnak