In board games it is often You or Them, fighting games not only embody those ideas they practically define them. Today’s collection of fighting board games are massively more varied than just each player for their own. Are you fighting for something or against it? Are you simply fighting to survive or to overcome a journey? Cardhaus Games has games on the scale of worldwide conflict down to a small band of rodents fighting to save their princess.

Fighting Games Win The Day

Have you ever wondered who would come out on top in a fight, Daredevil or a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or pondered what a child’s imagination would combat if a pop-up book came to life? These are just a few examples of what games can be found in our fighting games collection. Can you organize your army of goblins strategically enough to counter the overwhelming force of the orcs? All of these questions can be played out and many more. You do not always have to go it alone, or face off by yourself. Gather together other players and fight through a dungeon, or struggle to keep your spaceship together. How you fight is entirely up to you. We have games that will push you to save up every resource and games that will have you on edge of the very next dice roll.


Our fighting games collection will have whatever kind of conflict you may be looking for. Games that last minutes to table stretching experiences that will push your tactics to their limits. Whether you want to defend an entire castle from invaders or be the skyscraper sized beast wrecking the city, you can find what you need here.