Dungeons and Dragons has started a revolution whose early days in adventure board games started with HeroQuest and has now become everything from Space Heroics to the Haunted mansion next door. Cardhaus Games is happy to present a wide selection to choose from.

What Adventure Board Games Await You?

From huge sprawling stories played over multiple nights, to intense dungeon brawls, adventure games aren’t just fantasy. Mars and the depths of the ocean are not out of reach when it comes to modern day adventure games. Dice, cards, story books, and more represent all the different ways you can create or take on your story. How you want to experience your adventure is sure to be here in our adventure games collection. Miniatures that will add a new dimension to your gaming experience. Today’s adventure games can take you wherever you want to go.


Whether you want to relive a movie moment or solve a deadly crime, there is a theme and a game for you in our adventure board games section. No matter the number of players the perfect adventure awaits you and your group today!