Project Elite

$109.99 $87.99
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Picture of Project Elite game
$109.99 $87.99
(You save $22.00)
Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Elapsed Real Time Ending, Grid Movement, Line of Sight, Real-Time, Variable Player Powers
1 - 6
60 Minutes
Konstantinos Kokkinis, Marco Portugal, Sotirios Tsantilas

In Project: ELITE, players are members of the ELITE squad on a mission to stop the invading forces of an alien empire. Stopping the invasion requires players to speedily roll dice as they take part in real-time, two-minute combat rounds against waves of terrifying enemies. Once the ELITE members take their turn, the aliens react. The game continues in this fast-yet-tactical series of rounds until the scenario is won or the aliens take the Earth.

This new edition of Project: ELITE will have new art, new miniatures, new card designs, new weapons, new ELITE members, new enemies, and more.