Roll Player Adventures: Nefras's Judgement

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Picture of Roll Player Adventures: Nefras's Judgement game
$49.95 $34.99
(You save $14.96)

Estimated Release Date is Sep 30th 2022

Thunderworks Games
Campaign / Battle Card Driven Cooperative Game Dice Rolling Narrative Choice / Paragraph Paper-and-Pencil Storytelling
1 - 4
90 - 150 minutes
Keith Matejka, Peter Andrew Ryan, James William Ryan

Nefras, the snake-faced goddess of judgment, rules over the realms of Dream and Memory. She observes all souls in the planarverse to discover their true nature and reward them accordingly. But Nefras is not the goddess of Justice. She does not bring order to the lawless or punishment to the wicked. Instead, the scale-faced one merely assesses the hearts of all heroes and empowers them with appropriate gifts. When Nefras’s observation is complete, she bestows each hero with her final judgment.

This expansion for Roll Player Adventures adds over 40 unique storylines woven through the game's campaign. Each explores a unique backstory from the Roll Player universe. Your decisions will change your alignment and steer the fate of the land of Nalos.

If you are importing a character from Roll Player to your Roll Player Adventures campaign, this expansion will add in new elements related to your backstory and alignment. Nefras's Judgement can also be used with any of the pregenerated characters included in Roll Player Adventures, each of which will have a unique backstory.