Stone Age: The Mammoth Herd Mini Expansion

$9.99 $8.99
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Picture of Stone Age: The Mammoth Herd Mini Expansion game
$9.99 $8.99
(You save $1.00)
Z-Man Games
Dice Rolling. Set Collection. Turn Order: Progressive. Worker Placement
2 - 4
60 - 90 minutes
Bernd Brunnhofer

A mammoth herd is passing by close to your village. You can tame these mammoths in order to have their help when constructing your village. But hurry up! Other tribes are on their way as well!

You can combine this mini expansion with the basic game as well as with all other expansions. First, you set up the game as usual. You shuffle all 16 bonus tiles and place them face down next to the game board. The stand-up figure Mammoth herd is placed next to the pile. You are now ready to start the game. The game play stays the same except for the following changes.

At the beginning of each round, the start player places the mammoth herd on the resource shown by the top-most bonus tile. For example, if the tile shows a brick, the start player puts the mammoth herd into the clay pit. Then, he/she picks the first bonus tile and places it face up next to the pile. (The resource that is now shown is of no importance in this round.) If there are no bonus tiles left, the whole herd is tamed. In this case, you remove the mammoth herd and continue playing according to the normal rules. You place your people as usual. Only in the phase in which you use the actions of your people figures, the mammoth herd becomes important. When you have people placed on the resource on which the mammoth herd stays, you roll the dice as usual and take your resources. Immediately after this, you may move one or more people from the resource where the mammoth herd is placed to the bonus tile that was turned over. With these people figures, you can try to tame a mammoth later in order to have help for your work. You are only allowed to move people figures from this resource production area, and you immediately have to pay 1 food for each people figure you place on the bonus tile. You may - as it is the case for feeding - substitute 1 food with 1 resource. People figures that are not placed on the bonus tile must be taken back to the player board. After all players have used the actions of their people, but before the feeding, you tame 1 mammoth from the mammoth herd.

All players who moved people to the bonus tile roll the dice. Each player uses as many dice as he has people on the bonus tile. All players roll the dice at the same time. Now, you compare the score of your highest single die. (You do not add all dice together as usual, and you are not allowed to use tools.) The player with the highest single die score wins and takes the "1." bonus. He may also, instead, take the "all" bonus. Then, the winner takes the tile and places it face down in front of himself. (The O on the back is not for the player. It just serves as a reminder for the final scoring). When the highest die scores are level, the players compare the next lower score, etc.

If there is still a draw after comparing all results, all players involved get the "all" bonus.

The tile has to be put back into the box. If nobody has placed a people figure on the bonus tile, nobody gets the bonus. The tile has to be put into the box as well. Before you score the civilization cards, there is the mammoth scoring. The player with the most bonus tiles gets 10 points. In the case of a draw, all players involved get these points.