Terraforming Mars: Big Box

$149.99 $105.49
(You save $44.50)
Picture of Terraforming Mars: Big Box game
$149.99 $105.49
(You save $44.50)
Stronghold Games
Card Drafting End Game Bonuses Hand Management Hexagon Grid Income Set Collection Solo / Solitaire Game Take That Tile Placement Turn Order: Progressive Variable Player Powers
1 - 5
120 minutes
Jacob Fryxelius

Terraforming Mars: Big Box is both a storage option for all the Terraforming Mars material released to date — the base game, five expansions, and the first-player rover — and a set of 3D terrain tiles to dress up the game. Included in the box are:

  • 24 city tiles (four each of six designs)
  • 40 forest tiles (eight each of five designs)
  • 9 ocean tiles
  • 14 special tiles (the original eleven, plus three new ones)

Terraforming Mars: Big Box also includes three new cards that relate to the three new special tiles, card dividers, and five plastic markers for the global parameters.