Star Wars: Outer Rim

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Fantasy Flight Games
Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
1 - 4
120 - 180 minutes
Corey Konieczka, Tony Fanchi
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Star Wars: Outer Rim

In Outer Rim, you take on the role of an underworld denizen, setting out to make your mark on the galaxy. You’ll travel the Outer Rim in your personal ship, hire legendary Star Wars characters to join your crew, and try to become the most famous (or infamous) outlaw in the galaxy!


Fame and Infamy

A game of Outer Rim takes place over a series of turns that sees players taking dangerous jobs, tracking down bounties, upgrading their ship, and more, all in service of gaining more and more fame.

Regardless of the path you take to get there, the goal of Outer Rim is to gain ten fame, cementing your place in the legends of the Star Wars galaxy. Gaining this fame can come from a variety of sources, such as completing your character’s personal goal, collecting on bounties and jobs, delivering illegal cargo, taking down patrols from the various factions struggling over the galaxy, and enjoying the finer things in life by purchasing luxury items with your hard-earned credits.

While the path to victory may be different for scoundrels finding their way in the Outer Rim, everyone starts from the bottom with a simple starship. Your player board not only tracks your fame progress, but also contains slots for your ship, your character card, gear, reputation, modifications, jobs, and bounties.

The player board is the hub of your adventures in Outer Rim, with spaces for your ship, your character, your jobs and bounties, crew, modifications, and much more!

Of course, you can’t become a legend by idling on planets and staring at the stars. You’ll have to take your ship across the galaxy to build your fame. You’ll have to traverse dangerous hyperspace routes between the farflung planets of the Outer Rim, avoiding hostile patrols, devastating maelstroms, and deadly encounters as you build your legacy.

The wealth and danger of the Outer Rim is laid out before you!

In performing your jobs you’ll have to avoid patrols from the Hutts, Crime Syndicates, Imperials, and Rebels. While these patrols can be nuisances that stand in your path, destroying a powerful patrol can increase your fame, and doing jobs for any of these factions can turn them into helpful allies—but helping one faction may harm your reputation with the other major factions of the galaxy, encouraging them to hunt you down wherever you may hide.

Even if it's not glamorous, you won't get far without a ship. Every would-be legend begins with a starter ship that gives you the opportunity to take your first steps into a larger world. But as your legend grows, so do your resources, and as you find success you can improve and upgrade your ship, even trading it in for a newer model like a modified YT-1300. By meeting certain conditions, you can even transform these ships into iconic Star Wars vessels like the Millennium Falcon!

It might be just a modified YT-1300 light freighter for now, but once you meet your ship goal, you can flip the card over to reveal the Millennium Falcon!

Decide Your Destiny

But what’s a ship without a pilot? One of the most exciting aspects of Outer Rim is stepping into the shoes of some of the most iconic scoundrels in the Star Wars galaxy. Each of the eight character choices has their own skills and and their own personal goal to help them become famous or infamous throughout the Outer Rim. Search for the fastest ship in the galaxy with Han Solo or hunt down dangerous bounties with Boba Fett. Sabotage Imperial bastions with Jyn Erso or make a fortune from illegal cargo with Lando Calrissian. Once these characters achieve their goal, they gain fame and more powerful abilities that will undoubtedly prove useful as they continue their journey through the Outer Rim.

Furthermore, as you travel from planet to planet you’ll gather a crew of famous characters! You might fly alongside the mighty Chewbacca, the respectable businessman Hondo Ohnaka, and more! These crew members add new skills and abilities to your ship, and collecting the perfect crew is essential to victory. But be warned, if there is a death mark on one of your crew members, other players may hunt them down, and it’s up to you to defend them—unless a mutually beneficial deal can be reached…


Skilled Scoundrels

Characters and crew also contain various skills to help you on your journey, from experts in influence like Lando Calrissian to masters of stealth like Doctor Aphra. These skills will come in handy during your journey across the galaxy: at the end of your turn, you’ll draw an encounter card based on your space. The Star Wars galaxy is brimming with action and adventure, and every space has its own story to tell.

These encounters could see your legend growing, but only if you have the skill to navigate them. Many encounters will ask you to test a specific skill, such as luring someone into a high stakes game of sabacc with your influence, or using your stealth to help a Rebel cell steal some gear from an Imperial garrison.

Succeeding in these encounters can bring you fame and credits, while failure can leave your ship damaged, your reputation ruined, or worse. These dice are also used during combat, and during jobs, which are more in-depth encounters with branching results based on your skills. With factions on your tail and the dirty allure of the Outer Rim constantly calling, a job is never as simple as moving some cargo.