Nothing brings out the next dimension of gaming like having tabletop miniatures in your games. The overwhelming sense of dread as you see the size of the monster stalking the corner compared to the size of your warrior. You get a thrill as your smaller spaceship literally flies outside the range of the large battleship. The anticipation as two large armies size each other up over the battlefield. The sense of exploration as your character steps into a corridor and reveals far more of the mansion to experience.

The Tactile Feel of Tabletop Miniatures

Moving a tiny representation of who you're playing in a miniature game can invigorate a player beyond what cards or pictures can do. Luckily, we have lots of options to include players that want that aspect in many difference styles of games. We carry miniature games that span from Marvels Mightiest to the very eye of the Beholder itself. Recreate Star Wars battles from the movies or make up the greatest galactic conflict you can imagine. Movies, video games, books, and history have all been sources for games meant to bring the medium into your hands.


With hundreds of miniature games to choose from our collection hopes to provide you with the style and size of miniature experience you are looking for. Tabletop miniatures also offer you a chance to paint and make the miniatures unique to your game and your collection. Expansions to our games offer incredible diversity in miniatures you can use and how you use them in your games. Shop today for the perfect game to complete your gaming experience.