Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive

$39.95 $27.49
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Picture of Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive game
$39.95 $27.49
(You save $12.46)
Brotherwise Games
Deck Building, Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Storytelling
2 - 4
30 - 60 minutes
Johnny O'Neal

Call to Adventure: Stormlight is a 120-card standalone game containing everything you need to play. Based on the works of Brandon Sanderson, this expansion, and others to follow, add new challenges, new destinies, and new paths to follow.

Call to Adventure is a hero-crafting game that combines strategy and storytelling. It's similar to some "tableau-building" games in which you're creating a kingdom or civilization, but in this game you're building a character. Each player begins with cards that define your hero's origin, motivation, and destiny. Over the course of the game, you overcome challenges and gain traits. It's a game with points and a clear winner, but the highlight of every game is telling your hero's story at the end.